Project Description

Roberlo is a company that specialises in the development and manufacturing of paints, repair solutions and fixing products in the automotive, industrial, construction, nautical and DIY sectors.

Looking to give your motorcycle, car, pick-up, van, bus, or lorry a vehicle body repair & high-quality, long-lasting paint? Choose quality with Roberlo from Spain. From painting the chassis to the roof or removing scratches to major vehicle damage, you will get all the required materials with Roberlo. To fix your body work and automotive paint, we got everything covered!

Base coat > Solid > Metallic > Pearlescent > Xirallic > Acrylic > Putties > Body fillers > Primers > Clear coats > Hardeners > Thinners > Additives > Sealants > Protectors > Polishing > Aerosols > Abrasives > Masking products > Accessories

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