Project Description

MTN Montana Colors offers the most versatile spray paints for graffiti, street art, fine arts, DIY and automotive & industrial applications. In 1994 the company Montana Colors was born with the idea to offer specialised spray paint for the graffiti world. Two decades later, Montana Colors is still dedicated to the task of offering graffiti writers and artists the best spray paint possible. That’s why Montana Colors’ personality is directly linked to this art form and are still as committed and inspired as we’ve always been. We have spray paints for all surfaces, wood, paper, canvas, metal and of course for the walls with a wide variety of colours including Gold, Copper and Silver.

Montana Colors takes its experience in spray paint technology to new fields, where effectiveness and ease of use of this format is needed. Under the name MTN PRO is a new line of aerosols that encompass a wide range of paints, varnishes, and special products for professional uses such as DIY, crafts, industrial, automotive or nautical maintenance, thus completing the MTN product portfolio.

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